Babinet-Inverted Optical Nanoantenna Analogue of Electromagnetically Induced Tra

本文刊于:《Chinese Physics Letters》 2018年第1期


     A Babinet-inverted optical nanoantenna analogue of electromagnetically induced transparency based on the coupling between two magnetic dipole antennas and a magnetic octupole antenna in a Au film waveguide is demonstrated. Simulation results indicate that a pronounced elimination occurs in the radiating spectrum due to the coupling-induced radiation suppression. A two-oscillator electromagnetically induced transparency model is used to describe the antenna. The coupling coefficient between the magnetic dipole antennas and the magnetic octupole antenna is calculated using the model and is found to decline exponentially with the increase of the distance between them. Such an antenna can be directly integrated with optical waveguides or transmission lines,thus is of fundamental significance for the applications in nano-optics, such as the optical device miniaturizations and photonic circuit integrations.


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