Vectorial optical fields: recent advances and future prospects

本文刊于:《Science Bulletin》 2018年第1期

Vectorial optical field;Cylindrical vect

Vectorial optical field;Cylindrical vector beam;Full Poincaré beam;Spatial light modulator;Metasurface;Spin-orbit interaction;Quantum information;Quantum communication
     Driven by their potential applications, vectorial optical fields with spatially inhomogeneous states of polarization within the cross section have drawn significant attention recently. This work intends to review some of the latest development of this rapidly growing field of optics and offer a general overview of the current status of this field in a few areas. Mathematical descriptions of generalized vectorial optical fields are provided along with several special examples. A time-reversal methodology for the creation of a wide variety of exotic optical focal fields with prescribed characteristics within the focal volume is presented. Recently developed methods for the generation of vectorial optical fields that utilize fiber lasers,digital lasers, vectorial optical field generator, metasurfaces or photoalignment liquid crystals are summarized. The interactions of these vectorial optical fields with various micro-and nano-structures are presented and the prospects of their potential applications are discussed. The connection of vectorial optical fields with higher dimensionality in quantum information is summarized.


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