Determinations of ~(171)Er half-life and some ~(171)Tm transition energies

本文刊于:《Nuclear Science and Techniques》 2018年第3期

Erbium;Thulium;Half-life;Transition ener

Erbium;Thulium;Half-life;Transition energy;Bremsstrahlung;Photonuclear reaction
     The neutrons have been captured by Erbium nuclei which were received by using clinical electron linear accelerator. In this experiment, the possibility of the neutron capture process has been observed because of emitted neutrons appearing in the experimental area. In particular,neutron capture of 170Er nucleus has been observed. After the neutron capture of 170Er nucleus, the unstable 171Er has been formed and decayed into the 171Tm. By using this reaction path, some transition energies of 171Tm obtained from the residual activity measurements and the half-life of 171Er have been determined, and they are in agreement with adopted values in the literature.


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