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"Sunlight Physical Exercise" Development Situation Research in General Universities of Heilongjiang

作者: 专业:体育教育训练学 导师:纪烈维 年度:2010 学位:硕士  院校: 哈尔滨工程大学


Heilongjiang Province, the Sunlight physical exercises, colleges, student

    Physical fitness test data announced by the Ministry of Education and the State General Administration of Sport in September 2006 show that our young student’s health is declining. To fully implement the Party’s education policy and the "health first" guiding ideology, in 2007 the Ministry of Education, the State Sports General Administration, the Communist Youth League Central Committee decided to fully and deeply launch the "hundreds of millions of students nationwide The Sunlight physical exercises " at the types of schools of all levels. The Sunlight physical exercises is strategic measure to carry out quality education and enhance youth physical education、physical fitness, it is of great significance to enhance the students awareness of sports participation and the habit of lifelong physical activity and effectively improve the physical health of students.The Sunlight physical exercises has been implemented more than two years, because the research on the carrying out of The Sunlight physical exercises in Colleges and Universities of Heilongjiang Province is limited and the proposed measures are not too many and Heilongjiang has its unique geographical location and cultural environment, the problems with the other provinces are also not the same, the author hopes to propose constructive countermeasures and suggestions for policy-makers and implementers and provide true and reliable reference basis to further promote sports in The Sunlight physical exercises in depth.In this paper, the author take the carrying out of The Sunlight physical exercises in Colleges and Universities of Heilongjiang Province as research object, using literature method, questionnaire, interview, mathematical statistics to conduct a questionnaire survey to 800 students in 10 colleges and universities of Heilongjiang Province, and interview 80 experts and first-line teachers of college physical education to access to relevant information and research proposals. The survey mainly includes: The Sunlight physical exercises’implementation, monitoring and evaluation system is sound or not; time and frequency of students to participate in sports; school sports associations and clubs’launching situation; "National Students Health Standard" in implementation; the carrying out of The Sunlight physical exercises in winter and constraint factors. The results are as follows:1、24.37% of students participate in daily physical activity time in more than 1 hour a day, a half-hour physical activity accounted for 16.25% of students below, and there is a great gap from t The Sunlight physical exercises’require of "exercise one hour a day". The main reason for this phenomenon is that lack of time to exercise, venues and facilities are not adequate, physical exercise habits are not formed lack of interest and teacher guidance.2、Students’motivation of participation in sports has been the direction of diversification, fitness is still the main motive for participation in sports, basketball, volleyball, soccer, table tennis, badminton, tennis, swimming and other clubs are popular with students, in order to provide strong help to carry out The Sunlight physical exercises.3、Hei longjiang Province in winter is difficult to carry out large-scale sports than summer; carrying out The Sunlight physical exercises activities will be restricted. Ice speed skating is main ice class and get pass, ski lessons also need to be carried out more extensively. 4、Survey of 10 colleges has seven schools fully perform the "National Students Health Standard," but physical education achievement rarely linked with test scores, because students and teachers’attention are not enough, so there are some errors in the test scores.5、equipments are not sufficient, lack of teachers, poor sports safety awareness, safety education is not in place, hidden safety problems in the venue equipment.As the time to carry out The Sunlight physical exercises is too short, various systems and measures are not perfect, to resolve implementation issues in sports at this stage could promote their development more effectively. Therefore, the author propose the following suggesting: the formation of the implementary system of The Sunlight Sports; further improve the regulatory system of the sun sport; further improve the evaluation system of the sun sport; to strengthen to carry out The Sunlight physical exercises in winter sports in Heilongjiang Province; enhancing the building of sports facilities and teaching staff to cause the carrying out of The Sunlight physical exercises, in order to lay the foundation for the comprehensive development of students.


第1章 绪论12-20
    1.1 选题依据12-13
    1.2 开展阳光体育运动的目的意义与背景13-16
    1.3 阳光体育运动的研究现状16-20
        1.3.1 开展阳光体育运动目的、意义的研究16
        1.3.2 开展阳光体育运动原因和作用的研究16-17
        1.3.3 影响阳光体育运动开展因素的研究17
        1.3.4 阳光体育运动开展现状和实施策略的研究17-20
第2章 研究对象和研究方法20-24
    2.1 研究对象20
    2.2 研究方法20-24
        2.2.1 文献资料法20
        2.2.2 访谈法20
        2.2.3 问卷调查法20-23
        2.2.4 数理统计法23
        2.2.5 逻辑分析法23-24
第3章 研究结果与分析24-61
    3.1 黑龙江省普通高校开展阳光体育运动的现状24-46
        3.1.1 阳光体育运动开展的基本情况24-30
        3.1.2 学生运动参与动机30-33
        3.1.3 学生参加体育锻炼的频率和时间33-36
        3.1.4 课外体育俱乐部与社团的开展36-38
        3.1.5 冬季阳光体育运动的开展38-40
        3.1.6 体育安全情况的调查分析40-42
        3.1.7 影响学生参加体育锻炼的主要因素42-46
    3.2 促进黑龙江省普通高校阳光体育运动开展的措施46-61
        3.2.1 组建阳光体育运动的实施体系46-48
        3.2.2 进一步完善阳光体育运动监管体系48-49
        3.2.3 体育教学改革对阳光体育运动的开展提供帮助49-51
        3.2.4 课外体育俱乐部的广泛开展促进阳光体育运动的实施51-52
        3.2.5 切实加强学生冬季的体育锻炼52-54
        3.2.6 加强体育场地设施和师资队伍的建设54-56
        3.2.7 制订合理的阳光体育运动评价体系56-61
第4章 结论与建议61-63
    4.1 结论61
    4.2 建议61-63



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