The Hamming Distances of a Class of p-Ary Negacyclic Codes

本文刊于:《Chinese Journal of Electronics》 2018年第1期

Negacyclic code;Hamming distance;Gray di

Negacyclic code;Hamming distance;Gray distance;Gray map
     Based on the construction of a new distance-preserving Gray map from((Fp + uFp)N, Gray distance) to(the corresponding Gray images in FppN, Hamming distance) and the calculation of Gray distances of(u-1)-constacyclic codes over Fp + uFp, a bound for the Hamming distances of a class of negacyclic codes with length p N over Fp is obtained, which is more tighter than Singleton bound. Further more, the exact Hamming distances of some p-ary negacyclic codes are determined from this bound, some of which cannot be got from Dinh’s work published on Finite Fields and Their Applications in 2008.


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